Why Panorays

The most seamless end-to-end third party security workflow solution.

I want to invest the least amount of time and effort as possible on evaluating vendors. Panorays helps me do that.
Eyal Sasson, CISO

Get a 360° View

Panorays’ rapid security ratings are based on an “outside-in” simulated hacker’s view of assets, combined with an “inside-out” view that checks that the supplier adheres to your internal company security policies.

Eliminate Manual Questionnaires

Panorays’ automated customized security questionnaires include only the questions that are relevant for each supplier, and you can track progress with a click. Choose from a built-in template or create your own.

Rate by Context

A supplier that brings paper to the office should not be rated the same way as one that connects to your mail systems. Only Panorays rates according to context by considering the business and technology relationship with your suppliers.

Comply With Regulations

The Panorays platform works with your suppliers so that you can be assured that they adhere to regulations and standards like GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS and SIG. With customizable security questionnaires, your suppliers can meet the expectations of regulatory measures as well as your own internal company policies.

Achieve Accuracy

Because the Panorays platform facilitates engagement, suppliers can easily dispute or validate findings within the platform.

Gain Control Over Your Suppliers’ Security

By pinpointing cyber gaps and providing actionable insights, Panorays allows suppliers to easily understand their security gaps and how they can close them.

Quick Security Policy Check

Panorays automatically detects when suppliers do not adhere to your company’s security requirements. That way, you can focus on the real risk while those approved can immediately start working with your company.

Gain Continuous Visibility

Panorays continuously monitors and evaluates the supplier, and you receive live alerts about any security changes or breaches to your third parties.

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