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5 Ways Panorays’ Integrations Benefit Your Security Management Process
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5 Ways Panorays’ Integrations Benefit Your Security Management Process

By Aviva Spotts Nov 10, 20203 min read

Recently, Panorays announced exciting new integrations with RSA Archer and ServiceNow. While this new functionality paves the way to more efficient organizational workflows, it also provides many additional benefits as well.

How will these integrations enhance your ability to manage the third-party security posture of your vendors? Here are five benefits to consider.

1. Ease of Use 

As a SaaS-based platform with no installation required, Panorays’ simple integration with your existing tools creates easy access to relevant information and a more efficient workflow. The integration enhances the third-party security evaluation process for customers by providing at-a-glance data. The Cyber Posture Rating, for example, gives an outside-in simulated hacker’s view of assets, with a rating score of 0–100. This is alongside other relevant data—right there within a single platform—to afford endless possibilities for more educated decision-making and automated workflows. 

2. Visibility

Inefficient workflows have been the Achilles heel for many security and risk management professionals. With the Panorays integration, customers receive ongoing, relevant third-party security data they need within their existing platforms like ServiceNow or RSA Archer. Additionally, Panorays continuously monitors suppliers and updates their ratings accordingly, while providing live alerts of any changes to cyber posture. Having this type of third-party security visibility helps you quickly mitigate the possibility of a breach.

3. Comprehensive Analysis

Panorays’ unique 360-degree rating approach offers businesses full visibility into the security posture of their providers as part of their third-party risk management process. Data is analyzed from more than 1,000 different public sources as well as from Panorays’ own proprietary research. In addition to checking the cyber resilience of network, IT and applications, Panorays’ ratings also considers the Human Factor. This examines various elements such as social posture, presence of a security team and employee security awareness. All of these features are now available to you in one central place as a result of these integrations.

4. Efficiency

While every solution independently offers value, often the greatest value is achieved when you use multiple solutions concurrently. By leveraging these integrations, you can keep the systems you are using, such as RSA Archer and ServiceNow, while amplifying further benefits through the addition of Panorays. This gives you the best of all worlds and helps you achieve maximum efficiency managing your third-party security. Both integrations use the Panorays API to pull data from Panorays, providing an efficient and flexible manner in which to build your own proprietary integrations.  

5. Remote Productivity

Enabling the right technologies is considered one of the prime methods needed to improve the productivity of remote workers. Integrating a solution such as Panorays with your existing ServiceNow or RSA Archer Exchange systems can improve productivity and efficiency wherever employees are located.

Want to learn more about how Panorays can help you build an efficient third-party security process? Schedule a demo today.

Aviva Spotts

Aviva Spotts is Content Writer at Panorays. She loves all things cyber–especially when she gets to write about it–and is famous for talking about herself in the third-person.

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