Senior QA Automation Engineer


Help us build a quality automation solution for our web application and the cybersecurity engine that drives it. Lay down the foundations of our end-to-end test suite, introduce visual regression testing of UI components, devise a methodology for validating our distributed security assessment engine, introduce a solution for testing server performance. Bring your full-stack game!


Bread and butter

  • Build visual testing solution for our frontend and contribute to our Cypress suite
  • Build automation solution for microservices and security workflows
  • Perform manual tests and then automate them, integrate with our CI
  • Debug Javascript and Python, perform root cause analysis of software failures
  • Build tools for developers to create automated tests and mentor them
  • Measure quality and delivery performance in R&D, lead improvement processes
  • Help us get started on testing in production
  • Become an agile team member (our QA is a guild) 


The checklist

You should be knowledgeable in:

  • Web application testing with 5+ years of experience
  • Working with React and Node
  • Modern QA automation and visual testing frameworks such as Cypress, Robot, Storybook, Chromatic, SauceLabs
  • Best practices and tools for testing RESTful APIs


Extra points for:

  • Cybersecurity background
  • Fluency in Python
  • Integrating with Jenkins and managed CI platforms such as Travis, CircleCI
  • Using Kubernetes and microservices for development, testing and in production


The goods

What we are about:

  • Fast-growing startup, not too big to have fun and enjoy ourselves
  • Main development technologies: React, Node.js, Python
  • We like Nest.js and TypeScript
  • We’re a GCP shop, our microservices run on GKE.
  • Also in our stack: RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis.
  • There be hackers! (The white-hat kind)


Send your resume to [email protected]



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