Security Made Easy

Understand your security issues and receive
easy-to-follow guidance on how to remediate these cyber gaps.
Security Test Third Party | Panorays
Increase Your Cyber-Resilience & Security Posture
Increase Your Cyber-Resilience
Receive in-depth
knowledge of your
cyber-gaps – and how to
close them.
Eliminate Questionnaire Redundancy
Eliminate Questionnaire Redundancy
Your responses are saved so you don’t need to respond to the same questions for each upstream partner.
Share your Cyber Security Posture Profile
Share your Cyber Profile
Preempt the request for a
security validation by
sharing your profile.
100% Cloud-based
100% Cloud-based
No installation required.
Simply login to the


Know your Security Posture

Discover the assets belonging to your business, and their cyber-gaps. There’s no need to be a security wizard – the Panorays platform details the findings and the security jargon so you gain an understanding of your security posture.

Easily Close Cyber Gaps

Receive guided how-to’s on fixing issues.
Findings are prioritized so you know where to put the emphasis first. Once fixed, receive near real-time notifications reflecting the change in your security rating. Your upstream partner will also automatically know of the rating increase.


Never Respond to Multiple Questionnaires Again

You shouldn’t be spending time answering questionnaires. Again.
Store the responses for your questionnaires in the Panorays platform.
The next time you’re asked to fill in a questionnaire,
simply share your stored responses.

Take Pride in Your Profile

Share your security profile with other upstream partners. When you’re asked to undergo an assessment or fill in a questionnaire, pass along the link to your stored responses.
Better yet, provide in advance the link to your already-created security profile to shorten the sales cycles.
Real-Time Alerts In Cyber-Posture

Share my Profile

Receive a link to your security profile. Review, remediate
and share your profile with your upstream partner.