For Vendors

Responding to a security questionnaire every time you go through customer vetting is frustrating. Losing deals because you failed to demonstrate a strong security posture is worse. We get it.

Answer Questionnaires Faster

Complete only one Panorays Smart Questionnaire™ and save your responses, so you will never fill out the same questions again. Save time by sharing stored responses in your future assessments.

Control Your Security Posture

Don’t be surprised by the rating you receive on your next customer security vetting. Use Panorays to gain ongoing, full visibility into your cyber posture with maximum transparency into your rating. Easily dispute findings or follow prioritized remediation steps to improve your cyber posture and ensure accurate ratings. 

Accelerate Your Sales Process

Create a Security Kit once, with all the security, privacy and compliance information you want to share, and send it to potential customers to build trust early in the sales process. Easily share your kit(s), even directly from Salesforce, get a quick approval and eliminate security due diligence 80% of the time.

Demonstrate Your Compliance

Show your customers and prospects that you comply with key regulations and frameworks including:

“Panorays has definitely made our process more efficient. We get our deals done faster, we’ve improved our success rate and we don’t need an expert to process documents.”

Yair Bar-OnCEO & Co-Founder

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