For Vendors

Being vetted by prospective customers often involves completing lengthy security assessments to ensure that security standards are up to par. Using Panorays, vendors can streamline their security evaluation process and grow their business.

Eliminate Questionnaire Redundancy

Responding to endless questionnaires from prospective customers robs you of precious time. With Panorays, you complete only one Smart Questionnaire™, and your responses are stored on the Panorays platform so they can be shared as often as you like. Your evaluation is also benchmarked with similar industries to help you understand how you compare with your competition.

Increase Cyber Resilience

Panorays makes it easy for you to demonstrate adherence to security and regulatory standards so you can work with new business partners. The platform details the findings and any cyber gaps that could pose a threat to your business. Panorays then works with you to fix cyber issues and continuously monitors your business to alert you of any changes.

Share Your Cyber Profile

Using Panorays, you can shorten your sales cycle and quickly get down to business. When you speak with prospective customers, simply share your security profile in advance. Doing so can offer them a rapid view of your cyber posture and alleviate security concerns before the vetting process even begins. That way, you can close your deals quickly.

Demonstrate Your Compliance

Show your customers and prospects that you comply with key regulations and frameworks including:

“Panorays has definitely made our process more efficient. We get our deals done faster, we’ve improved our success rate and we don’t need an expert to process documents.”

Yair Bar-OnCEO & Co-Founder

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