Our Security Inquiries Are More Than Just Questionnaires

You choose the most relevant questions and rapidly receive the answers you need. Based on their responses, vendors can receive a rating of 0–100.

With manual questionnaires, we wasted a lot of time waiting for answers. Panorays gives me better control of my suppliers. That’s what helps the most.
Johnny Jonathan | Global Director of Information & Cybersecurity

Scalable and Rapid Responses

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets. You can easily send and track hundreds of automated Security Inquiries, receive answers quickly and immediately view ratings.

Questions Based on Context

Your questions are determined based on your business and technology relationship with the vendor, so you only send questions that are relevant to your company.

Choose Your Own Questionnaire

You can use a standard SIG or Panorays’ built-in security questionnaire. Upload your own customized internal policies and create conditional questions to clarify answers. You can even enforce regulatory policies such as GDPR and NYDFS.

Adjustable Question Weighting

You decide how your questions should be calculated in the rating, according to your company’s internal standards. Flag your important “deal-breaker” questions so you can quickly identify vendors that don’t comply with your policies.

Multi-Language Translation

No more questions that are lost in translation. Send the questionnaire in your suppliers’ native languages, and then view their responses in your own language.

Verify Responses to Inquiries

Panorays’ hacker view (outside-in) of the vendor enables the company to corroborate the vendors’ responses to the Security Inquiry.

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