Take Control of Your Vendors’ Attack Surface

Panorays’ outside-in simulated hacker’s view of assets reflects an overview of a vendor’s digital perimeter. Based on the results, vendors can receive a rating of 0–100.

I like that Panorays provides a quick score even before the supplier finishes the questionnaire.
Eyal Sasson, CISO

Think Like a Hacker

Panorays checks your vendors’ cyber posture in a noninvasive manner by simulating the way a hacker would perform reconnaissance on a possible target.

Comprehensive Analysis

Data is analyzed from more than 1,000 public sources, as well as from Panorays’ own proprietary research, representing the cyber resilience of

Network & IT: DNS servers, SSL-related protocols, etc.
Application: Web applications, domain hijacking, etc.
Human: Social posture, presence of security team, etc.

The Human Factor

Panorays is the only platform that considers the effect of human behavior when calculating cybersecurity ratings.

Rapid and Continuous Monitoring

Analysis of a vendor’s public-facing digital footprint is typically completed within hours, and is continuously monitored and updated.

Third and Fourth Party Discovery

During the cyber posture assessment of a company, Panorays automatically detects third and fourth party vendors—even those that a company may not be aware of.

Dark Web Intelligence

Panorays’ evaluation includes analyzing the dark web to monitor and detect anomalies that could indicate malicious behavior against the vendor.

Complementary Ratings

Panorays’ hacker view ratings run in conjunction with its automated questionnaires, with each assessment complementing the other.

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