Security Ratings

Deep Dive into Your Vendors’ Security

Panorays’ unique 360° ratings combine results of our automated questionnaire along with a hacker view of the attack surface.

When I looked at other security rating services, they focused more on the exterior scan and gave scores, but then I needed to go to another supplier who could handle the questionnaires. With Panorays, it’s all one system.
Daniel Chechik | CISO

Security Inquiry (Inside-Out) Rating

A rating from 0–100 based on the answers to our Security Inquiry, which represents the internal policy at the third party. The inquiry is a smart and automated questionnaire that is generated based on the business and technology relationship between the third party and the company.

GDPR Readiness Rating

GDPR Readiness Rating

A separate scale within the Security Inquiry representing the third party’s readiness for GDPR. The scale ranges from no readiness to full compliance.

Hacker View (Outside-In) Rating

A rating from 0–100 that reflects a transparent overview of the third party’s digital perimeter, as captured by mimicking thousands of hackers performing reconnaissance. Data is analyzed from more than 1,000 known data sources as well as from Panorays’ own proprietary research, representing the cyber resilience of

Network & IT: DNS servers, SSL-related protocols, etc.

Application: Web applications, domain hijacking, etc.

Human: Social posture, presence of security team, etc.

The Benefits of Panorays' Ratings

Panorays provides companies with a unmatched comprehensive view of vendor cyber posture, while providing vendors with the ability to improve it.

The Human Factor

The Human Factor

Panorays is the only platform that considers the effect of human behavior when calculating cybersecurity ratings. Specifically, it checks the likelihood of employees to be targeted for an attack based on factors such as social media presence, employee security awareness and having a dedicated security team.
Challenging False Positives

Challenging False Positives

Panorays allows parties to engage in online discussion around disputed findings, resulting in fast resolution and mutual agreement on the final rating and action items. Both must validate and agree to reject the finding from the ratings, and Panorays will then automatically reevaluate the company.
Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Each test that results in a cyber gap is presented within the Panorays platform. The cyber gap is clearly detailed and provides a “how-to” for easy remediation. When third parties fix the cyber gap, Panorays automatically reevaluates the rating, reflecting the change in cyber posture.

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