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Case Study

Payoneer Achieves GDPR Readiness by Dramatically Reducing Security Assessment Time

Read how a leading global cross-border payment platform used Panorays to upgrade its analysis of vendor security to both comply with GDPR and allow for rapid scalability.


The BRAVE Approach: Automating Third-Party Security

This guide describes five key guidelines to effectively manage third-party security. It is a must-read for anyone whose company works with third parties and must assess their cybersecurity risk.

Data Sheet

Enabling Business with Panorays Security Self-Assessments

In this data sheet, you will learn how Panorays helps your sales team quickly provide security information to business prospects with questionnaires, evaluation of digital assets, benchmarking, remediation and continuous monitoring.


10 Critical Issues to Cover in Your Vendor Security Questionnaires

What are some of the matters that should be addressed to determine if vendors have a strong cyber posture? This guide covers 10 important questions to consider.

Case Study

Sapiens Eliminates Manual Security Questionnaires and Trims Supplier Vetting From Months to Days

Find out how Sapiens used Panorays to eliminate manual security questionnaires, allowing for the easy and rapid scalability of its business partners


12 Essential Questions to Determine Third-Party GDPR Readiness

How can organizations check if their third parties are truly GDPR-ready? Download our guide to find out the 12 questions you need to ask.

Case Study

Gett Gains Competitive Edge by Significantly Shortening Its Vendor Risk Management Process

Find out how Panorays helps Gett gain a competitive edge by shortening its supplier vetting and onboarding process.


An Insider’s View into a Supply Chain Attack

In early 2019, it was reported that one of the largest information technology outsourcing and consulting firms had suffered a major data breach. A year before, a software company identified potential warning signs of this upcoming data breach. 

Data Sheet

Get Started with Panorays for Evaluating the Security Posture of Your Subsidiaries

How can you effectively assess and monitor the cyber posture of your subsidiaries? Download this data sheet to find out.

Case Study

TestFairy Shortens Sales Cycle from Two Months to Two Weeks Using Panorays’ Security Assessment

Find out how TestFairy uses Panorays to grow business by reducing the time spent on security assessments.