Case Studies

CAPTRUST creates a mature third-party security assessment and supplier due diligence program with Panorays

Challenge: Creating a mature process that includes vendor compliance documentation, reduction of manual processes, enhanced collaboration and a holistic view of vendor risk

Solution: Fast, automated third-party security risk management and supplier due diligence platform


  • Ease of ensuring third parties regulatory compliance
  • Automation of vendor due diligence
  • Improved internal communication and vendor engagement

AppsFlyer accelerates and streamlines vendor security risk management, enabling seamless processes and scalability.

Challenge: An immature vendor security risk management process prevented scalability

Solution: Fast, automated third-party security risk evaluation and management platform


  • Optimized efficiency of time, resources and budget
  • Completely streamlined security risk management process through automation and transparency
  • Management and mitigation of risk, and implementation of security policies with the click of a button

WalkMe received a comprehensive view of supplier security posture while significantly reducing vetting time.

Challenge: Manual third-party security management process
Solution: Continuous monitoring that combines the outside-in with the inside-out


  • Continuous monitoring with live alerts
  • Reduced time spent verifying answers
  • Improved quality of security evaluations
“I want to invest the least amount of time and effort as possible on evaluating vendors. Panorays helps me do that.”
Eyal Sasson, CISO

Sapiens eliminated manual security questionnaires, allowing for the easy and rapid scalability of its business partners.

Challenge: Lengthy vendor auditing process
Solution: Intuitive automated security assessments

Added Value:

  • Rapid and thorough assessment of 200+ vendors
  • Improved vendor engagement
  • Superior customer success interaction

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