Get the suppliers you want with the security
standards you demand.

You can be assured that your supplier security vetting process is both
comprehensive and quick.
Customizable Questionnaires

Customizable Questionnaires

Be sure that your third parties are answering the right questions. Use a standard template, or include your own internal policies. You can even enforce regulatory policy such as GDPR and NYDFS.

Rapid and Accessible Responses@2x

Rapid and Accessible Responses

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets. Security evaluations are completed within 72 hours, and you can view ratings with a click.

Superior Supplier Interaction@2x

Superior Supplier Interaction

View actionable insights, communicate with suppliers, and track their mitigation progress—all through the Panorays platform.

Disputable  Findings@2x

Disputable Findings

No more false positives. Suppliers can dispute findings, which you can choose to validate and eliminate from the ratings calculation.

Fully Streamlined Process @2x

Fully Streamlined Process

Suppliers that have already worked with Panorays automatically have their responses saved, making the vetting process even faster.

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