Automated Third Party Security Management

Easily view, manage and engage with your
business partners on their resilience to cyber-attacks.

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 Evaluate a third-party
Increase my Cyber Posture
Reduce Supplier Vetting to Just 72 Hours
Eliminate Manual Questionnaire Process
Completely SaaS-based
No installation

Ongoing Third Party Security Management

The company receives the supplier’s own personal and dynamic security profile, reflecting a continuous 360 ̊ view of the supplier’s cyber-posture.
Company receives near real-time alerts on any changes in cyber-posture
Supplier views their rating and open issues
Supplier acts on findings
Panorays automatically evaluates the cyber posture of the company's supplier.
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Capture the Hacker’s View & Enforce Internal Policy

Gain a 360 ̊ view of the supplier through a combination
of the hacker’s view and internal policy.
The hacker’s view tests the posture just like a
hacker would evaluate a company.
The internal policy ensures that the supplier complies
with security policies and practices
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Actionable Insights for Speedy Mitigation

Actionable insights ensure that the supplier validates the findings –
and correctly fixes them
Using Panorays we reduced supplier vetting from months to just a few hours. Better yet, the notifications in changes in cyber posture allowed us to take immediate action to work with a vendor.
- Yaron Weiss, CISO, Payoneer
As a new company in the third-party risk space, Panorays has taken advantage of seeing what other solutions are not doing well to create a solution that will close coverage gaps. By actively engaging third-parties in the business cyber-security risk management program, Panorays uses the web of symbiotic relationships to create a broad ecosystem where all companies involved benefit from each other’s success in reducing risk. 
- David Monahan, Managing Research Director, Security and Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates, Inc.
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