Improve Your Suppliers’ Security According to Your Risk Appetite.

You set the security goal for your suppliers, and they receive instructions on how to achieve it. 

Panorays provides clear and actionable information that allows us to easily prioritize how to remediate our suppliers’ cyber gaps.
Itzik Menashe, VP IT & Information Security, Telit

Choose Your Security Threshold

Your supplier’s Cyber Risk Rating provides the starting point, and you determine the end point. For example, if the Cyber Risk Rating is “bad,” you can set a goal to raise it to “good.”

Generate a Customized Plan

Each remediation plan considers your goals and factors like critical findings, ratings, important questions and business impact. The algorithm then calculates the least number of steps and effort to reach the desired level.

Prioritize Remediation Tasks

Your suppliers receive a list of critical tasks that should be performed to improve cyber posture. That way, they can focus efforts on addressing the most important issues first.

See Progress Automatically

As your suppliers progress with their remediation plans, the changes are automatically detected and reflected on the Panorays platform.

Benefits of Panorays’ Remediation Plans

With Panorays’ advanced remediation planning, you can easily improve your suppliers’ cyber health.


You set your standards and goals, and your suppliers take the necessary steps to adhere to them.


A well-documented remediation plan for suppliers will position you well for any kind of audit of your third-party security program for standards like SOC 2.

Business Enablement

Remediation plans allow you to work with suppliers that you may not have considered otherwise because of security issues.

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