No More Supplier Phone Tag and Email Nudges.

With Panorays, all stakeholders can effortlessly communicate with your vendors on the same platform.

Panorays provides one location where all relevant teams can connect and find information that they need without calling or meeting with each other.
Sam Potashnick, Information Systems Team Leader, Payoneer

Invite Suppliers to the Platform

You can easily invite suppliers to the Panorays platform so that they gain full visibility into the status of their security evaluations free of charge.

View Supplier Progress

Your suppliers respond to the Smart Questionnaire™ directly on the Panorays platform, helping you track progress and stay on top of deadlines.

Enhance Communication with In-App Messaging

Want a question answered quickly? Panorays allows you to message your supplier within the platform so you can easily clarify any issues. 

Auto Archive Your Communication for Future Use

All interaction with your suppliers is automatically stored on Panorays, so that you can refer to it later for clarification or auditing purposes. 

Building Trust Between
Companies Worldwide

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