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Not Sure How to Begin? Our Third-Party Security Experts Can Help.

Panorays provides the essential guidance and cutting-edge technology you need to create or improve your third-party security management process, tailor-made to your particular use case.  

Panorays worked with us to create business relationship levels according to our specifications, which allowed us to generate customized questionnaires.

Map Your Standards and Regulations

Panorays experts work with you to determine which standards and regulations are relevant for your third parties to adhere to, and the platform checks to see that they do. 

Set Up Your Customized Third-Party Cyber Risk Program

Our experts can create or upgrade a tailor-made third-party security management program with you according to your particular use case and risk tolerance. 

Tier Your Vendors by Criticality and Risk

Our professional team helps you configure the platform to efficiently determine which vendors are more critical or present high risk to your business. 

Onboard Your Vendors Quickly

Panorays team members get you started quickly. They assist with configuring your questionnaire process and can help you bulk load your suppliers to the platform, initiating the process of sending Smart Questionnaires™ and assessing their attack surface. 

Integrate Insights, Benchmarks and Best Practices

Our cybersecurity professionals are knowledgeable about effective procedures, objectives and baselines to ensure that your third-party security management process is comprehensive and reliable. 

Receive Remediation Guidance

The Panorays platform helps you establish security goals for each supplier, and then provides advice to you and your supplier regarding remediation. 

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