The security posture of
your third parties should
not be a black box

Receive a glass box view with continuous visibility.
Security Test Third Party | Panorays
Increase Your Cyber- Resilience
Increase Your
Cyber- Resilience
By ensuring that your
suppliers are improving
their security.
Comply with Standards & Regulations
Comply with Standards & Regulations
Support the workflow of
customized and regulatory
Shorten the Supplier Evaluation Process
Shorten the Supplier Evaluation Process
Through automated
security management.
Gain Continuous Visibility
Gain Continuous Visibility
Receive immediate alerts
on security changes at
your suppliers


Continuous Monitoring

Ensure that your supplier’s cyber posture is constantly monitored. The supplier’s cyber posture is not just evaluated during vetting, but throughout your whole relationship. At any moment you can view their rating.

Dynamic Ratings

Receive near real-time alerts on security changes at your suppliers. Whether the rating increases or decreases, you’ll be aware of it and have a historical understanding of the supplier’s posture.

Context- based Evaluation

Evaluate the suppliers in context of the business and technology relationship you hold with them. Evaluation is automatically customized according to the defined relationship.

Automated Third Party Security Management


Receive an Inside View

Gain an understanding of the supplier’s internal cyber posture through easy, normalized questionnaires. Use our built-in policies or upload your own.

Enforce Internal Policies

Whether it’s for security or regulatory reasons, ensure suppliers adhere to your customized environment. Mandate requirements and get a quick view of out-of-compliance suppliers.

Track Assessments

Automatically track assessments – from sending to form completion. Add to the Panorays system the company roles that need to be included in assessments tracking and the ratings review will automatically be sent to them as well.

Security Test Vendor


Drilldown into Findings

View the supplier’s cyber-gaps for each uncovered asset.

Prioritize the findings that need to be fixed.

Stay Up-to-Date on Ratings

Decide how you want to proceed with a finding. Engage with your supplier on it, prioritize a finding to remediate or define it as out of scope. Updates to the findings status are automatically re-evaluated and verified for an updated rating.


Automatically test the cyber-posture of three suppliers of your choice

We’ll get back to you within 72 hours with the test findings and a time to review the results with you.