DevOps Engineer

Join Panorays to become our DevOps czar. Own our production clusters on GKE. Get involved in scaling, monitoring and cloud architecture. Improve our Jenkins setup but also guide us in Circle CI adoption. Help transition the company to a major APM platform. Define how business and functional metrics should be implemented. Lead complex proof-of-concept projects and integrations. Promote DevOps culture in engineering. Build stuff.


Bread and butter

  • Own our SaaS production environment on GCP

  • Create reusable CI/CD (delivery) configurations in a multi-repo/microservice codebase

  • Create tools to automate day-to-day operations in R&D

  • Lead proof-of-concept projects and technology integrations

  • Actively promote DevOps culture and the GitOps mindset

  • Lead & improve monitoring infrastructure, introduce APM

  • Improve the security landscape of Panorays with a SecOps mindset


The checklist

You should be knowledgeable in:

  • Kubernetes stack:  Docker, Helm, Terraform, etc.

  • Running a production environment on GCP

  • Database administration: Mongo and Postgres

  • Code delivery chain including GitHub/BitBucket, Jenkins, Nexus/GCR, etc.

  • Grafana, ELK, or similar monitoring stacks

  • Python as your main scripting language

Extra points for:

  • Experience leading DevOps culture in startups

  • Cybersecurity background

  • ETL/data ingestion using Looker, Snowflake, Salesforce, or similar


The goods

What we are about:

  • Fast-growing startup, not too big to have fun and enjoy ourselves.
  • Main development technologies: React, Node.js, Python.
  • We run containerized development and production environments with Kubernetes on GKE.
  • We like Nest.js and TypeScript, but use Koa as well.
  • We’re a “Google shop”, our microservices run on GKE.
  • Also in our stack: RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis.
  • Beware, there be hackers! (We got the white-hat kind, you can learn a lot from them.)

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